The Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course

What makes up the Obstacle Course?

4 Stages!

The Kids Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course is made up of 4 STAGES. When a Ninja Warrior conquers a STAGE #1 in a Challenge, they earn their way onto STAGE #2.

Beat STAGE #2 & YOU WIN FREE Entry into the SASUKE 4 STAGE Finals!

Beat all 4 STAGES at the SASUKE Finals & YOU WIN the title “KID NINJA WARRIOR!”

Obstacles may be changed at any time without notice! The following details are supposed to give you a good idea of what to expect on a given STAGE.


4 Ninja Warrior Stages


Stage #1


Made up of 8 Giant Obstacle, STAGE #1 is “Soft Obstacles”, (inflatable). It is not a bounce house!

Being inflatable allows anyone to come in off the street with no previous practice or obstacle-specific training and be able to have fun while they improve their skills! You can fall down & (usually) not get hurt. You can race the clock & beat your time! MOST IMPORTANTLY – you will have FUN!


Obstacle Course

The Rock Climb, Blueberries & The Wall!

The Corkscrew

Rope Swing

Rock Climb

Drop Zone


The Wall

Cargo Net Climb

Giant Slide


Difficulty  2-25-stars  Fun  4-75-stars

Stage #2


The beginning of “Hard Obstacles.”

Even if you’re a good athlete – STAGE #2 will prove to be challenging! The average participant can train at KNW for about 1 month before being able to conquer it.

STAGE #2 has a time limit you must complete it in. The amount of time changes depending on the age group & obstacles on the day of the Challenge.


warped-wall-webstage 2 obstacle course

Quintuple Steps

The Hang Glider

Warped Wall

The Plank

Hangman’s Wall

Rope Swing Alley


Difficulty  3-5-stars  Fun  3-25-stars

Stage #3


This is for the pros only! Mostly upper body, very challenging! If you can conquer STAGE #3, you are destined for Ninja Warrior greatness!


Obstacle Course 3


Spider Jump/Climb

Salmon Ladder


Spin Cycle

Pipe Grasper

Ring Toss

Peg Board

Body Prop

Difficulty  5-stars  Fun  2-25-stars

Stage #4



This will remain unknown until a Ninja Warrior conquers STAGE #3 at a Challenge.


Difficulty  0-stars  Fun  0-stars

(Unrated due to no finishers)