KNW Competition

 Kids Ninja Warrior Competition!

Upcoming Kids Ninja Warrior Competition

About the Obstacle Course

Next Event:  “Fall Challenge!”  Just $30

SAT. November 26th 2016

9946 Mills Station Rd. #3, Sacramento


Prize List (incl. $100 to beat Stage #2)


Kids Ninja Warrior Competition


All 2017:  “300 Challenge!”  Just $299

10 Challenges: January – November ($330 value)

T-Shirt & Water Bottle : 300 KNW logo ($20 value)

Annual FINALS! December Challenge! ($50 value)

9946 Mills Station Rd. #3, Sacramento


NOTE: These Challenges have New Obstacles each event!

FlierParticipants have a BLAST challenging the course for 1 hour! Practice time gets kids warmed up and 2 timed runs get their fastest time! Limited Spots Available!


Will YOU make it to this year’s FINALS???

  • 4 age divisions from 6-17 (MUST be 6yo on the day of the event and NOT over 17yo)
  • LIMITED to 200 challengers
  • 8 Giant Obstacles on Stage #1!
  • Fastest 10 (+wldcrds*) go to STAGE #2!
  • Beat Stage #2 for FREE Entry into the 4 Stage SASUKE FINALS! (held twice/year)
  • Come back each Challenge for New Obstacles & another chance to make it into the FINALS!

*Wildcards are given to kids for exceptional acts of Focus, Kindness, Energy and Tenacity. IF you earn one, you’ll receive an “AWESOME” TAG & be invited to Stage #2!


Upon Registration

  • Participants receive a link to a Secret Training page w/ practice videos (1 week before event).
  • 10 Fastest Participants in ea. age group make it to the Semi-Finals at the end of the event.
  • ALL Finalists (beat Stage #2) receive an invitation to the SASUKE FINALS for Prizes, Cash and Glory!

Quick Rules

1. Participants must wear CLEAN Socks to the course! YES, we will disqualify for dirty, stinky, slimy, crusty, visually threatening socks. NO GRIP SOCKS (any kind of rubberized bottom) on the course. 2. Participants may not wear gloves or any other item that could give them an advantage over other participants. This includes: chalk, pine resin, tack spray, bug spray, etc. 3. Participants must be present at the time of their group. Failure to show before their group has started can result in forfeiture of participating. 4. Participants only on/around the course. A coach/parent may coach/cheer from the side of the course. *except 6-7 yo participants (see ages-specific rules) Physical aid from a coach/parent is OK and results in a 5 second addition to the final time for each occurrence.


You’ve seen the TV show, you know what the audience does! CHEER!