Ninja Events!

Kids Ninja Warrior Events!

Join Kids Ninja Warrior for a Challenge or class!

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KNW Stage #1 Obstacle Course!

Our Stage #1 Obstacle Course is perfect for the beginner obstacle course challenger!

It is a 130′ Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course that you can fall down on & get right back up.

Our Stages #2 and #3 courses are for regular practitioners because they take a lot of hand strength & conditioned skin so you don’t get blisters quickly.

What is Kids Ninja Warrior?

  • Super Friendly environment where kids Challenge the Course!
  • We cheer each other on and make sure that every participant feels encouraged and safe.
  • Kids learn & practice Focus, Friendliness and Tenacity!



Learn & Practice Ninja Warrior Skills: Focus, Positive Energy, Awareness & Tenacity!

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Our newest facility is over 9,000 sq. ft. in Sacramento Ca. has several events, specials and ways to participate!

Kids Ninja Warrior is a great activity for all groups, schools and teams! Connect with us today to have your event at our facility!