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Sensei Chris, El Dorado, Ca.


Hi, my name is Sensei Chris. They call me Sensei because I grew up in the martial arts. I started training for Ninja Warrior when I met David Campbell and spent a day training with him in 2011. I was pleased right away to recognize that Ninja Warrior takes all of the same skills as my martial arts training taught me: Focus, strength and tenacity being some of the more important ones.

I’m in the process of franchising Kids Ninja Warrior training centers from here in California. Please join me as we build and grow the wonderful and exciting sport together. I aim to strengthen our communities with many wonderful community service projects for the students to be involved in, and to build a better future by making a positive impact in the lives of every student that walks in the door!

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you and your children in person!

Yours, in the education of young, impressionable minds,

Sensei Chris

If you’re interested in opening a KNW Franchise near you:

NOTE: Sensei Chris only has a limited amount of time right now & requests that ONLY intelligent, positive and astute humans reach out at this time. Thank You for your cooperation 🙂

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